Monday, 2 May 2016

April Beauty Favourites

For me April was a nail polish month. I fell in love with so many gorgeous polishes. But before we talk about stunning shades lets talk about my new favourite base coat. A good base coat can be a game changer! The Complete Care 7 in 1 Nail Treatment from Sally Hansen is a fabulous base coat. It dries quickly and has been doing wonders for my neglected nails. It dries clear and shiny.

The shade 'Rose Glass' from Sally Hansen's Salon Manicure collection is now one of my all-time favourite polishes and that is saying a lot for somebody who has hundreds of nail polishes. It is a gorgeous warm-toned pale pink that is so very pretty. It isn't nude but is still appropriate for any occasion.

'Show Us Your Tips!' from OPI's new 'New Orleans' collection is like no other polish I own. It is an amazing periwinkle blue-toned mauve (does that make sense) with silver shimmer. The formula is quite thin so you definitely need more than two coats. However I am more than willing to overlook this because once you build this up to be 100% opaque it is 100% stunning. Go google some swatches, it might look meh in the bottle but on the nail it is stunning. Seriously.

Lanolips Intense Hand Balm is a balm that you warm up and then it sinks into your skin. This balm is great if you have very dry hands. I like to spot apply it onto my cuticles and fingers however I wouldn't recommend them applying it all over your hands until the end of the night because you can "feel" it on your hands. Or maybe I just apply way to much?! Either way I know this will be great for the coming winter months.

Prada's 'Candy' Perfume has been my go-to perfume. I have been looking for a perfume that can replace my beloved 'So Hooked on Carmella' from Benefit which is discontinued. This one isn't identical but it is still a gorgeous perfume. I'm rubbish at describing scents so I googled it and apparently it is caramel, sweet, warm spicy, musky and balsamic. I say just go and have a sniff next time you are near the perfume department :)

Not technically a "beauty" favourite but it is beautiful so I'm going to quickly mention the Medium Supernatural Pouch from Mimco, isn't the print divine?!!!!!!!!

At the end of March Priceline had their famous 40% off all make-up and I brought enough foundations to cover the surface of Earth...well maybe not quite but nearly! Anyway there is not a single foundation I want to talk about. Some of them are promising but none of they instantly gained holy grail status. The search for the perfect foundation continues...let me know if you have any recommendations.

Want to check out what I loved in April last year? Here is the link to last years April Favourites: 

Have a wonderful May :)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Top 4 Best Nail Polishes for Work

When you walk into a shop to buy nail polish you are faced with a billion choices. The bright colours are always eye-catching but not always work appropriate. 

For work, nudes and pale pinks are a safe option. I don't know if it is only me but I find it very hard to find a pale pink nail polish with a good formula - for me they are notoriously bad. If you do want a pale pink I would recommend 'Bare' from Sinful Colours. 'Bare' is a pale pink nude with micro-shimmer. For a full review on this polish click here.

The Maybelline Superstay Gel Nail Colour polish in 'Rose Poudre' could possibly be my favourite nail polish ever (I cannot believe I said that, pretty serious for somebody with 200+ polishes!). 'Rose Poudre' is a dusty pale pink. With two thin coats the polish dries quickly and looks stunning. Perfect for anybody and anywhere.

'All eyes on nudes' from Essie is a matte nail polish however I always put a glossy top coat over it. This is a great basic nude polish, there is no hint of pink here, it is a creamy beige. The formula isn't the best but the colour is great. If you have a little bit of patience when applying it and put a glossy top coat on it, it is a fabulous every day work polish.

'All tied up' from Essie is a stronger pink polish with shimmer. Out of all the polishes I've talked about here this one is definitely the least neutral. It's a darker dusty rosy pink with gold shimmer. Super pretty! For a full review of this polish, click here.

+Bonus Polish -Face of Australia Screen Siren Limited Edition 'Monroe' -  Okay so I didn't want to include this in the top 4 because it is no longer sold. But having said that, if anybody knows of a dupe please let me know! It's definitely one of my favourite ever polishes!!! The perfect nude with a slight pink undertone.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Shopping the stash | Forgotten products I want to use this week #1

I'll be the first to admit I have too much make-up. Not that it stops me from buying more, although it should. The blog is the perfect excuse and is used as a justification 99.99% of the time. This first problem leads to a second problem. I forget about products and quietly they sit in the drawer never being used. This week I am going to change all that and start rounding up some forgotten products / shopping the "stash" each Sunday evening for the following week.

I hope you enjoy this new series and without further ado lets take a look at the products I want to use this week.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in 'fanciful'

I actually haven't owned this blush for that long but I do think I need some prompting to make sure it is a blush I reach for frequently. 'Fanciful' is a gorgeous matte warm dusty rose.

 L'oreal le blush in 'rosewood' 

Another blush! This one is a even more recent addition to my blush collection than Fanciful. However, once again I want to make sure I start immediately using it otherwise it will never get used.

Essence Silky Touch Blush in 'babydoll'

Another blush, I hope you're not getting bored of blushes! This one is another gem I need to use more often. 'Babydoll' is a soft pink rose colour. The pigmentation is really good and it applies beautifully.

Maybelline Colordrama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in 'Minimalist' 

I wore this all the time maybe eight months ago, from memory the pigmentation and lasting power of these lip pencils from Maybelline are great. Plus 'Minimalist' is a very pretty pink. The one downfall of these is that you have to sharpen them.

Bite Beauty Pepper / Cafe 

I am constantly forgetting about and then re-discovering this lipstick duo because it sits awkwardly in my lipstick holder. It's technically called the 'mix and mingle - cafe/pepper' from Bite. I really like this however for $27.00 it is tiny. I mean tiny. You get 3.1g or 1.55g per colour. The colours are beautiful so I really should remember to grab for this more.

Clinique chubby stick intense in ' curviest caramel'

I was so desperate to purchase this but have barely reached for it. Why? I have no idea at all. I definitely need to wear this gorgeous lip crayon more!!! That is the whole point of this new series :) This is a gorgeous everyday lip product and I can't wait to use it!

Covergirl 'Country Woods' trio 

This has been sitting in my drawer for years. I originally brought it because I thought it looked like a "classic" product. The colours are all very easy to wear during the week for a quick look. If you have a favourite "classic" beauty product please do let me know in the comments below :)

Nyx Lip Primer in 'Deep Nude' 

Lipsticks never ever stay on long enough, no matter what lipstick it is...I feel like after 3 hours it's gone :( Hopefully this lip primer from Nyx will help!!! I've never tried a lip primer before.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Beauty Products Not Hyped About Enough

Nyx Love in Paris 'Merci Beaucoup' Eyeshadow Palette

The 'Merci Beaucoup' palette from Nyx is one of my all time favourite eyeshadow products from the "drugstore". The main reason why I love this palette is the colour range. You can create a great basic look or by pulling in some of the beautiful pinks, you can also have a pop of colour. The one drawback of this palette is that it doesn't last all day. If you want these shadows to last longer than 4-5  hours you will need to use a primer. With a primer they last for ages.

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush in 'Pink Rose'

The Master Hi-Light blush from Maybelline in 'Pink Rose' is a gorgeous pink blush that will suit many people. The blush itself is quite illuminating however there are no visible chunky glitters which makes this blush foolproof. You can build up the pigmentation of the blush easily and the added glow it gives is gorgeous and natural.

Revlon Powder Blush on 'Melon-Drama' 

'Melon-drama'  from Revlon is a pinky peach powder blush. 'Melon-drama' gives my face a really good dose of healthy colour without looking over the top. The blush is very buildable pigmentation wise and lasts quite well.

Multi-task Real Techniques Brush

Every man and his dog raves about the Real Techniques brushes and there are genuine reasons why: they are great quality, last for years, don't shed and do a lovely job at getting the make-up where you want it! The Multi-task brush is my favourite make-up brush because it applies blush really well and can also be used for powder. I have had this brush for a minimum of 2 years and it still looks brand new, no shedding at all. The only negative thing I have to say about the multi-task brush is that it comes in a kit. I wish I had more than one of these brushes but I don't necessarily want to buy the whole kit everytime I want one of these. It comes in the Travel Essentials kit with a foundation brush and a domed shadow brush. Both of those brushes are great and the domed shadow brush is my favourite eye brush so if you want a couple of great basic brushes buy the kit.

Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Kohl Eyeliner in 'Black'

I'm not an eye-liner expert and I don't wear it every day so keep that in mind whilst I tell you why I love this eyeliner from Maybelline. As I said, I have zero eyeliner skills but because this eyeliner is quite dry and similar to your typical pencil I can get a decent line that is quite thin. Once applied it doesn't smudge or transfer and it lasts well. If you are wanting to do something more than a basic line, you might not love this one but if you are an eyeliner beginner, I highly recommend this. Talking about recommendations...leave a comment below if you want to tell me about an eyeliner you think I might love!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

March Favourites

March favourites time!

Since I started a new job I have been reaching for foolproof and classic products. I want products that I can trust and rely on. I don't want to worry about my foundation oxidising during a meeting or that my blush is making me look like a clown.

The Maybelline Master Hi-Light in 'Pink Rose' is a gorgeous soft pink blush that I probably wore a minimum of 4 times a week throughout March. It offers good buildable pigmentation, perfect for the beginner or somebody who wants an added glow. I don't think I have ever gone over the top with this blush,  which is great!

Also from Maybelline, the Baby Lips Moisturising Lip Gloss in 'Taupe With Me' is a lipgloss I have been wearing a lot lately. I picked this up from America in February when I visited Vegas. This lipgloss isn't clear as it has a slight taupe tinge to it however it is extremely subtle. It looks very pretty
over a matte lipstick or alone if you are looking for a very natural look.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are something that I constantly use. They do a great job at removing eye make-up! They don't sting the eyes, you don't have to rub and one wipe is definitely all you need for both eyes. 

I have been trying to lift my eyeshadow game and that means having the right tools. I love one end of this double ended shadow brush from Artiste. Problem is...I don't actually know what the other end is for! This brush is good for packing shadows onto the lid. It cleans well and doesn't shed. 

Essano Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturiser is definitely something you should consider trying next time you visit Priceline. This moisturiser sinks into the skin quickly, doesn't leave any residue behind and has a lovely texture. It's quite thin however still feels creamy, not runny. The packaging is also very practical, you get a huge bottle for a great price and the pump makes it very quick and hygienic to grab in the morning. 

Mac 'Shy Shine' is a very pretty pinky nude with a slight hint of coral. Being a lustre finish it is nice and shiny and not 100% opaque, great for an everyday lip. I have been loving 'Shy Shine' for work days and when I want something foolproof. 

Thanks for reading and have a great day :)

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Great Gatsby Inspired Make-up for the Beginner

Dress-up parties can be a lot of fun but at the same time they can be overwhelming. You don't want to be the person who looks like they haven't tried to dress-up, but you don't want to be the person who looks ridiculous either...This look is perfect for those who want to spend the minimum amount of money and get the most out of their products without buying a pile of make-up that will never be used again.

First lets think about what was popular in the 1920's and what is appropriate for a 'Great Gatsby' theme:

  • Complexions were fair. 
  • Eyes were bold and smoky. 
  • Lips were dark, think plums and reds. 
  • Mascara was a must have. 
  • Headpieces with feathers and/or jewels were a must have! 
Without spending a lot of money on products you might only use once for the party you can create a great 1920's Great Gatsby make-up look.


The most important accessory for the perfect Great Gatsby dress-up outfit is the headpiece! I love the 'Rhea Headband*' from Irresistible Me. It has a gorgeous mix of rhinestones and pearls, is super comfortable to wear and sits nicely on your head. The headband feels strong and is good quality, especially for the price.


Complexions were fair so stay away from the bronxer and reach for a subtle rosy pink blush. Apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks. I'm loving Maybelline's Master Hi-Lighting Blush in 'Pink Rose' at the moment for a subtle and flawless pink glow on the cheeks.


To create the perfect Great Gatsby eye look think "the more smoky the better". The Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'Slate 615' is a dark gunmetal with blue undertones. Colour in your eye lid and then using a finger blend it out. Repeat  until you have desired level of colour. You can then pat onto the lid  some gunmetal eyeshadow if you like. I used the shadow on the far right from Chi Chi's 'Nudes' palettes. I took the shade on the far left to blend everything out. You can extend this look if you are an eye-shadow pro but at the bare minimum you can just blend out the Nyx pencil and then do mascara. You can add in a navy blue or green eyeshadow for an extra pop if you want to. So as I mentioned a minute ago, you will want to emphasise your lashes with lots of mascara. I love the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. You can also extend this look by adding some black eyeliner. 


Deep red and plum lips were all the rage in the 20's. If you don't typically wear plum or red lipsticks you can buy some really nice and cheap ones from Priceline. If you don't want that dark lip you can try 'I feel Pretty' from Essence (around $4). It's a more sheer alternative that will give you juicy red lips. If you are buying a lipstick for the sole purpose of the dress-up party, instead of the matching lip liner, opt for the Innoxa Invisible Lip Shaper. You can use this lip liner with any lipstick!


Bold and thin. Pencil them on!!!

*Product provided for honest review. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

January Beauty Favourites + Blog Update

These are the products I loved using the most during January... 

Before we get into the post I want to first give you a quick update about the blog. It is no secret that I didn't blog much during 2015 however I am jumping back onto the blogging bandwagon and will be dedicating a lot more time to Beautiful Living in 2016. I am super excited to have my enthusiasm back for blogging and hope you continue to enjoy Beautiful Living

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer 

This primer received so much hype when it was first released in the US a very long time ago. People were shouting from the rooftops that it was similar to Benefit's Porefessional. Whilst I have never used the Porefessional I can say that I am loving this primer. It makes my skin feel very smooth and makes my make-up go on flawlessly. I am also pretty sure it prolongs the wear of my make-up, however I am still messing around with it so I will report back in a full review once I am 100% sure.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 

This mascara has been included in my 'monthly favourites' post before and there is a good reason it is re-appearing here. Whenever I want my lashes to be 10% amazing I reach for this mascara. It easily separates my lashes, doesn't clump and makes my lashes look dramatic without a fuss.

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara 

The Falsies is another great mascara from Maybelline that I have recently fell in love with. The formula of this one is less wet than Lash Sensational, so I feel like this one is a little easier to apply. It is definitely a mascara worth checking out.

Bare Minerals Moxie Lipstick in 'Get Ready' 

Silly as it may be I could spend sentences talking about how cool the packaging is on the lipstick. But I probably shouldn't so lets talk about the actual lipstick, hey? This is a stunning "my lips but better" shade with a berry undertone. This lipstick has great pigmentation and is creamy. If I don't want it to be as bold as it is normally I put it over some Lucas papaw. Beautiful!

L'oreal Color Riche Eye Colour Pencil in 'Delicate Beige' 

This cream eye shadow pencil is beautiful. 'Delicate Bridge' is a champagne-y shimmer shade. This is a very easy shade to apply onto the lid and hey presto that's all you need to do before leaving the house.

Lucas' Papaw Ointment 

So if you are Aussie you will know this iconic product...which according to the tube is a "local topical application for minor burns and scalds, sunburn, gravel rash, cuts and minor open wounds, insect bites, splinters and nappy rush". But I think we basically say that we pull the tub out for many many many things. I love using this as a lip balm. I just recently re-purchased this after not using it for a couple of years and they now have a tube with a lip applicator which is sooo good! I don't know why it took me so long to buy this again because I'm loving it!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day :)

Friday, 5 February 2016

Empties #7

It's empties time! I have to admit I love watching a good empties post on youtube or reading a empties post...I hope you enjoy this post!

So these are the products I have recently used up. You know that if I use a product up  I must like it but keep reading to see if it is re-purchase worthy!!! 

Essenzza Cleanse and Exfoliate Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes

I picked up these facial wipes from Priceline and the first thing I have to mention is the smell. They smell like pineapple - amazing! I typically don't use facial wipes to remove all my make-up but just my eye make-up and these did a decent job. Would I repurchase? Definitely.  

Innoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer 

This was a primer that I whole heartedly loved whilst using. However I may have since found another primer I like even more...Having said that this is a nice primer that makes your skin feel super smooth and makes your make-up apply nicely. I loved using this when I was trying to use up an old foundation which I didn't like. It made the bad foundation apply like a good one...yay! Would I repurchase? Maybe

Olay Complete UV Max Defence Lotio SPF30

This is a moisturiser I repurchase every summer because it offers SPF30 whilst moisturising my face. It also absorbs nicely into my skin, doesn't leave any residue behind and doesn't interfere with any make-up you apply over it. Would I repurchase? Yes 

Revlon Colorstay Foundation 

In pretty much every 'empties' post I do there is either a bottle of Colorstay or a tub of the whipped cream colorstay foundation from Revlon. I love both of the equally as much, however in this post it is the liquid version that has been used up. This is a great foundation, I've harped on about it a million times and I think nearly every man and his dog has tried it. Enough said. Would I repurchase? Already have!

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

This mascara was lurking at the bottom of my 'empties' pile so it has been a very long since I have used this mascara. I'm pretty sure I have repurchased this mascara at least once so it must be decent. From memory...this is a really good basic mascara that does a great job at lengthening eyelashes. Would I repurchase? Maybe

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

This is a fabulous mascara when you want dramatic lashes. The formula of this mascara is leaning towards the wet side however it doesn't pose any issues and the brush is quite good. Unique but once you figure it out, it's quite user friendly. Would I repurchase? Already have! 

Essano Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturiser 

This is a really nice "basic" moisturiser. It absorbs nicely into the skin, doesn't break me out and doesn't leave any weird residue behind. It keeps my skin moisturised and doesn't interfere with make-up application. Would I repurchase?  Already have :)

Essano Gentle Facial Exfoliator 

If you are looking for a new facial exfoliator I highly recommend trying this one from Essano out. Whilst it isn't the most gentle exfoliator I like how it feels exfoliating and is, at the same time, gentle enough to use daily. Would I repurchase? Yes! 

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy 'Citron' & 'English Honey & Peach Blossom' 

You have heard me rave about Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams. My all-time favourite was the 'English Honey & Peach Blossom' so I was very sad to see this tube completely depleted. The 'citron' was also very nice, it was more of a gel formula compared to the other one. Both of these were fantastic hand creams - very moisturising and smelt amazing. Would I repurchase? Yes 

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes 

I go through so many of these that I forgot to keep one aside for the photo...ooops! They work great at removing make-up and are gentle enough to use on your eyes. Would I repurchase?  Already have!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Happy Australia Day everybody!!! To celebrate Australia, Australian made products, Australian owed products and the fact that tomorrow and on the 28th Priceline (the Aussie "drugstore" will be having their 40% off all skincare sale. Yippeeeee :) ) I thought it would be a good idea to showcase some Aussie skincare brands you can find at Priceline.

Australian Skincare

Saturday, 23 January 2016

What's in my bag?

I am completely obsessed with handbags and I have been for my entire life. I thank my DNA, both my Mum and her Mum share this obsession. Having such an obsession means that I change my bags A LOT so treat this like a disclaimer. This is what my handbag looks like today, tomorrow it will probably be different, however whenever I use this specific bag this is what is in it...Oh and I guess I should mention the actual bag too! This is what I carry around with me when I use my small Longchamp Le Pliage.

  • Mimco Mesh Mash Wallet - I adore the matte mesh on this wallet. I had always admired the original Mimco mesh but it was too bling for me to use everyday, even though you can't see the true matteness of the wallet in the pic, it is definitely matte! 
  • Rubi Bag Tassle - Tassle keyrings seem to be "the thing" at the moment. I didn't want to splurge on one of the super nice (but super expensive) ones because it is just a keyring at the end of the day. This one was $6.95 :) Top Tip: Buy a colourful keyring that is large or has something dangly you can feel it when you are groping around in your bag, because you know...your keys are never going to be easily found!  
  • Nivea Lip Balm, Vitamin Shake 'Cranberry & Raspberry' - There is always a lip balm or three in my bag! This one is my current fave, it smells so nice.
  • Mac Lustre Lipstick in 'Syrup' - This is definitely the lipstick I wore the most in 2015! As it is a colour I can pretty much wear wherever and whenever it is pretty much always in my handbag :) 
  • Headphones - I keep my headphones untangled by using a bulldog clip! So much easier and less embarrassing than having to detangle them everytime I pull them out of my bag.

  • Typo A5 Weekly Buffalo Diary - I'll be the first to admit my memory is not that great! So a diary is a necessity. Last year I tried relying on the calendar on my phone and whilst I LOVE how it syncs between my laptop and iPad I have always been a stationary lover so this year I am using a paper diary properly again. It is also a good excuse to buy pretty pens! 
  • Kikki K Metal Rollerbal Pen: Don't Follow Your Dreams, Chase them - This pen is so cute I couldn't leave it behind in the shop. I love how sturdy and special this pen feels.
  • Mimco Stand Case - Sometimes I don't want to take a bag out (ironic considering the premise of this post!) so this is fantastic because it protects my phone and also provides me with a place to slip in some money and cards.  
  • Crabtree & Evenlyn Sugar & Spice Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy - There is always a hand cream floating around the bottom of my handbag. This Christmas hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn smells amazing and is a great hand cream. It sinks in quickly and moisturises lovely. 
  • And the usual suspects: Stray hair ties, hand sanitiser. Not much to say here...

Friday, 22 January 2016

Workout in Style

There is nothing better than a killer workout outfit to get me motivated to do a workout! I'm a huge fan of all the printed leggings that are going around at the moment. They are so much more exciting than plain old black leggings, which are then typically worn with a black tee. Whilst I was "online window shopping" I saw these beauties, worn with a loose black tee and armed with a big bag (that is awesome because it has sequins on!) to carry all my gym gear in, this outfit would definitely get me out of bed and heading to the gym!
 Workout in Style with Farfetch

Y 3 zipper hoodie, 455 AUD / Fadeless cotton tee, 105 AUD / Norma Kamali leggings pants, 240 AUD / NIKE black flat shoes, 135 AUD / Vanessa Bruno black tote, 285 AUD / Moncler Quilted Beauty Case - Apropos The Concept Store -, 545 AUD

These clothes were found whilst "online window shopping" at 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Need a new party dress?

Now that we have had the Christmas Party Season, Christmas and New Years Eve, I don't know about you but I am running out of nice dresses to wear!!! As soon as a new dress enters my rotation I tend to over-wear it, does anybody else do this?

If like me, you feel like if you don't get a new dress soon all the photos of you on Facebook will look identical, it might be time do some online shopping - yay!!! 

This gorgeous scuba dress from Boohoo has a super vibrant floral pattern and a bold black hem. Pair it with a black clutch and some chunky black wedges to tie the whole look together. Some purple nail polish would also look amazing, I'm thinking that 'Bold Sangria' from Revlon would be the perfect nail polish to wear with this dress, a deep purple. 

The link for the dress is here. Shipping from Boohoo was quick, the dress came neatly folded and clean and overall the quality of the dress is good, especially since it was a steal of a price! The material is quite thick so it isn't the most flattering dress in the world. However other dresses in this style tend to be super flattering when they are not in scuba material. 

If you are looking for something a little more casual, check out the awesome shift dresses that Boohoo currently have on their website for $30. A mono print here and a geo print here

The black patent leather clutch is the Black Molten Envelope from Mimco and the shoes were from Novo (approximately 2 years ago). Sidetone: the show are super comfy! 

*Dress provided by Boohoo for review purposes

Saturday, 9 January 2016

2015 Beauty Favourites

It's time to round up the beauty products that I loved the most and used the most throughout 2015. Overall I think that in 2015 I discovered a number of amazing products and there are a number of products that I cannot imagine not using daily. My skincare routine changed but what changed more drastically was my make-up routine...but that's another blog post (note to self!).

Innoxa Pure Silk Skin Primer

A silicon based primer, this primer provides a silky smooth base for my foundation to be applied onto. Not only does it make make-up application easier but it makes everything look significantly better. 

Australis Pressed Powder 

This pressed powder from Australis is a marvellous beauty staple that prolongs the wear-time of your foundation and blends easily into your skin - no cake face to see here! 

Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder

Okay so what's going on here? Two Australis pressed powders?! That's right, I swear I'm not going crazy. This Fresh&Flawless powder is an Aussie beauty icon and if you don't have this sitting on your dresser you need to give it a shot. It's a 2-in-1 foundation and pressed powder that can be worn alone, over primer or with your foundation. It adds coverage, helps to hide my redness and applies easily. I prefer to apply this with a kabuki brush over the sponge that comes with the compact. This could be my favourite product for the entire year. 

Mac Lustre 'Syrup' Lipstick

This is most definitely the most worn beauty product of 2015, I would be surprised if I had worn this fewer than 4 days a week. It's a beautiful and easy choice to reach for as the colour is very appropriate for anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether you have a full face of make-up on or a no make-up day. Being a lustre means has a slight shine and can be built up to a mid level of opaqueness. You can wear it more sheer too. Syrup is a berry mauve colour, leaning towards the pink end of the spectrum. I wear this lipstick nearly every day - seriously! If you want to buy a Mac lipstick buy Syrup!!! 

Nyx Butter Gloss in 'Angel Food Cake'

We are going to skip the whole "butter glosses are the best, they smell divine...blah blah blah" spiel...Angel Food Cake is a beautiful deep rose pink colour which is very glossy. Unlike some of the other glosses in this range, this one has no hint of milkiness, the colour is pretty opaque for a gloss, and super shiny!

Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect Mascara

During 2015 I broke away from my habit of only having one tube of mascara open at the one time. I wouldn't say I was obsessed with trying out different mascaras but I am definitely on the path to obsession! The Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline is brilliant, the rubber brush is an unique shape which helps you get the "full fan effect".  The formula is lightweight, doesn't smudge, doesn't clump and gives you a really impressive effect. This mascara doesn't get consistently good reviews online however I personally love it and think it is worth trying out! Well obviously considering it made it into this post! 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance

I never wear eye shadow without first applying this eye shadow primer first! It truly does make your eye shadow last ages. I typically buy cheaper eyeshadow, which typically lasts around 5 hours without primer, however with primer I find most of my eyeshadow lasts up to 8-12 hours. I love this eyeshadow primer and certainly recommend it. 

Maybelline Colorshow Crayon Khol

This pencil eyeliner is by far the best eyeliner I used during 2015. Being a beginner my eyeliner skills are lacking...what I love about this eyeliner is that being a pencil it is quite dry, making it harder to make mistakes. It also doesn't smudge easily. 

Nyx Love in Paris 'Merci Beaucoup' Eyeshadow Palette

This is a great little palette with a lovely range of colours, regardless of whether you want a natural eye or a pop of colour. Without primer the eyeshadows last around the five hour mark. They apply well and blend quite well too. I adore the deeper pink colour and the matte brown. The matte brown is in no way chalky, has good pigmentation and blends well. 

Garnier Moisture Match Light Softening Cream (Normal to Dry Skin)

This is a really good basic moisturiser which I discovered whilst my skin was going through a crazy stage. I love how this moisturiser is very hydrating without being slippery. It sinks in nicely and leaves your skin feeling hydrated all day long. 

Olay Complete Defence Daily UV moisturising lotion SPF 30+

This is my go-to moisturiser for the summer months. It moisturises my skin, sinks in quickly, leaves no weird residue behind and has SPF 30+ which is great! I also love the packaging, the pump bottle makes application easy and mess free. 

Essano Facial Moisturiser 

Before you go squinting at the picture and asking yourself where it's not in the picture because I have ran out of it :( but this is a fabulous moisturiser!!! It sinks in super quickly, doesn't interfere with the application of make-up and doesn't leave any weird residue behind. 

Essano Gentle Facial Exfoliator 

Whilst I have previously stated that the fresh & flawless powder was my favourite piece of make-up from 2015, I think this exfoliator from Essano is my favourite skincare product from 2015. This facial exfoliator is gentle enough to use every day but still has quite a dense, gritty feeling to it. It lathers nicely and feels exfoliating without feeling to rough. It's not the most gentle facial exfoliator I have ever used but it is a great product nonetheless. I prefer exfoliators where you can actually feel something happening, and that is exactly what this one feels like, but without feeling as rough as sandpaper! 

Now time for the nail polish!!! This blog begun as a nail polish blog and although it has grown I still love a good polish of nail polish! This post is ridiculously long so I'm going to simply list the polishes, they all have great pigmentation, good formulas and dry reasonably quickly. 

My favourite nail treatments for 2015 were: OPI Nail Envy (Sensitive version) and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. 

My favourite nail polishes for 2015 were: OPI Big Red Apple, OPI Hands Off My Kielbasa!, Marry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in 'GNP 38'. 

Happy New Year and may 2016 be a marvellous year :) 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Balm AND Sleek Make-up now stocked at Target Australia - overview and pictures

Hey guys! Just a quick post today because there is some very exciting news floating around at the moment and I wanted to give you some more information on it...Two new beauty brands are being stocked at Target Australia now: The Balm and Sleek.

Sleek are well known for their eyeshadow palettes, contour duos and blushes.

Eyeshadow palettes $19.95
True Colour Lipsticks $16.95
Eye & Cheek Palette $24.95

 The above prices were discovered by squinting at the photos I took, sorry I couldn't make out all of the prices!

Here are some photographs of the new displays at my local Target and an overview of the products stocked. I hope you enjoy this snapshot!!! I am super excited, are you?

And now for The Balm, unlike Sleek who has never been available in-store in Australia before, The Balm has been available at David Jones. However that doesn't lessen my excitement at being able to find them at Target, nonetheless a Target I could practically walk to! The Balm's highlighters (Mary-Lou Manizer, Betty Lou Manizer and Cindy Lou Manizer) are well loved by many and who can resist the cheeky packaging of their Nude 'tude eyeshadow palettes? I use their Argyle Instain blush and adore it - these 'Instain' blushes are insanely pigmented and long lasting. Definitely worth trying, just don't forget to apply them sparingly so you don't look like a 2 year old has done your make-up. 

How gorgeous is that Manizer palette?! and I adore the 'In theBalm of your Hand' palette, such a nice way to taste a little bit of everything from The Balm! 

What products are you most excited about? I would love to know :) And if there are "must have" products feel free to comment below! 


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Preparing for Summer with Cocoa Brown

With a couple more days until Summer officially begins in Australia it is the perfect time to start preparing for the warmer months. Not only will it mean that you can leave the house without a trillion layers - yippee - but for the first time in a long time skin will be shown.

Whether you gravitate towards dresses and skirts or shorts, it is important to make sure those legs are looking good. Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter is a popular tanning brand in the UK. Not only do they have 1 hour self-tanner but they also have a range of skincare designed to keep your tan and skin looking the best. Begin preparing for summer with their Tough Stuff 3 in 1 Body Scrub* which is designed to remove the stubborn left-over tan you can't get rid off, exfoliates and prepares your skin for the new tan. This is a very dense exfoliator that feels quite tough. It spreads easily in the shower, lathers up to give you good coverage, and leaves your skin feeling fresh. I also love the fact that despite being a body exfoliator  it comes in a tube. Nice and simple! I've used exfoliators in tubs before and it is a nightmare. You can buy Tough Stuff for $15.95.

I adore the Chocolate Whip* which is a oil-free body moisturiser with Vitamin E & Panthenol. You can use this before you tan, as a normal everyday body moisturiser (even if you don't have a tan on) and to prolong your tan and help your tan to fade nice and evenly. It is very light-weight and sinks in super quickly which is fantastic! It feels instantly moisturising and this feeling lasts all day. A lot of body moisturisers are too thick, heavy and slow to absorb to use as a hand cream but not the Chocolate Whip! I adore using this as a hand cream because it literally sinks into your skin within seconds leaving no residue behind. A word of warning doesn't smell like chocolate! Instead it smells like cocoa and gardenia, absolutely divine...just not like chocolate!

*Products provided for review. 100% honest opinions.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

October Beauty Favourites / First Impressions

Before I get into the nitty gritty details I want to make a disclaimer - yes these are "beauty favourites" but unlike most of my monthly favourite posts, these products are all quite new to me. So are these tried and tested? No. But at the moment I am loving them...stay tuned for more details review posts once I have worn them for more than 3-4 weeks. 

So let's get into it! A couple of weeks ago I left the house with zero make-up on. It was fine, it was a quick trip out of the house. Wait a second, no it wasn't! I had to go to work too. Luckily I ran into a Priceline grabbed a foundation and lipgloss. The lipgloss was over-priced and not that great. Thankfully the foundation, Rimmel London's Lasting Finish 25hr Comfort Serum, was super impressive. At this point in time I'm not 100% sure about the claim that it lasts 25 hours but the coverage is really nice, it is very easy to apply and it looks and feels amazing on the skin. It also has SPF20 which is useful. 

Moxie's lipstick in 'Get Ready' was an impulse purchase but definitely not a waste of money - especially since the tube clicks up and down - so much fun but completely besides the point! 'Get Ready' is a super juicy pink berry. The formula is creamy and quite opaque. Lasting power is pretty good too :) A perfect lipstick for the summer.

Have you smelt Nivea's Vitamin Shake in 'Cranberry & Raspberry'? If you haven't, you NEED to!!! It smells like raspberry/strawberry milkshake. The formula is creamy and sitting on the fence between thick and lightweight, and of course moisturising. I love Nivea lip balms, definitely worth trying if you haven't before.

Finally, one product that I have used consistency for over a month is Essano's Rosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturiser. This is a mini tube that I got in an Essano kit but I will most definitely be purchasing the full size tube. It is a really decent moisturiser, not too heavy but provides a good level of moisture without interfering with make-up. It sinks into the skin quickly too which is great!

Monday, 28 September 2015

4 Spring-like Beauty Products

Spring is here, the sun is starting to shine and you can now brave the outdoors without wearing a zillion layers. Well at least some of the time... To celebrate I wanted to write a blog post about some products that are perfect for this time of year. It's still too cold to break out the summer dresses but we can get into the spring mood with our make-up at least! Step one, think pink. Step two, step outside and soak up the sunshine.

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in 'Magnolia'

This is a peachy pink that I think is perfect for any occasion. It's a good alternative for a nude or 'my lips but better shade'. I have been reaching for the lipstick a lot lately: it's a fun colour,  isn't as boring as a nude and looks great all the time. The pigmentation is pretty good, the formula is lightweight and super creamy and the lasting power is the typical 1-2 hours. It is really comfortable and feels moisturising. It also smells really nice and sweet.

Maybelline 'Pink Me Up' Lipstick

'Pink Me Up' is a deep warm-toned pink that sits on the line between a 'bold lip' and a 'not so bold' lip - which I love because I don't like wearing bold lips. They look great on other people...just not me! This a gorgeous pink shade that I fell in love with the first time I wore it. It would be great for an evening out or with a natural smokey eye. Maybelline's lipstick formula is becoming one of my favourites and is definitely worth checking out.

Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in 'Petalite'

A new addition to Revlon's product line are these 'Ultra HD Lip Lacquers'. Expect a full review on my blog soon but meanwhile I will focus on this pretty shade called 'Petalite'. 'Petalite' is a pretty pale pink with gold shimmer. It's a pretty standard gloss - doesn't stick around for ages and isn't super pigmented BUT it is one of those glosses that you can just whack on and you're ready to go. A good shade to reach for when you want a natural looking pink lip.

OPI Nailpolish in 'Hands Off My Kielbasa'

I know this whole post has been brainwashing you to "think pink" but this nail polish leans more towards the orange-y coral side of things. But because it screams "spring" to me it had to be included. This is a super pretty peachy polish with shimmer. I feel like the polish is glowing from within - does that make sense? Gorgeous!!! It's currently on my nails and it's soooooooo pretty and really shimmery! Did I use the word 'pretty' too much whilst describing this polish?

Monday, 31 August 2015

August Favourites

This month I have tried to mix up the products a bit and I have some new favourite products - yay!!!

Lets begin with a new foundation that I tried for the first time this month and now rate very highly - Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation in '115 Ivory'. I haven't had the best of luck with Maybelline foundations but during the 50% off sale this foundation came down to the $10 mark so I figured I might as well give it a shot. This foundation surprised me, it is really really really good. I will be posting a full review of this foundation soon but here are they key points. Pros: Very liquid-y formula, medium buildable coverage, easy to apply, doesn't cling to my dry patches. Cons: Not super long lasting, no pump in the package :(

Another Maybelline product - Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I wrote up a full review of this mascara the other day, click here to check it out. Overall this is a great mascara if you like a mascara that has a very wet formula and if you want your lashes to look bold and fanned out.

Onto the lip products...because we all know I am a lipstick/lipbalm/lipgloss addict!

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in 'Magnolia' is a lipstick that I have been wearing in anticipation of spring. To me this shade screams out "spring is coming". The formula is really nice and creamy but feels lightweight at the same time. The pigmentation is decent - not super opaque but by no means sheer. I don't think this lipstick lasts that long - a little over an hour before it begins to fade.

Nyx Butter Gloss in 'Angel Food Cake' is a yummy smelling lip gloss that is not sticky and has great pigmentation. 'Angel Food Cake' is a gorgeous deep "my lips but better" shade with undertones of dusty pink and mauve. Well at least I think thats how you would describe it? I have been loving this gloss as it doesn't dry your lips out which is perfect because my lips are dry at the moment (thanks winter).

And now for one random non-beauty favourite :)

Silver 'Bead and Tassel Bracelet' from Seed - I only picked this up the other day but I am obsessed with it. Especially when I wear it with another bracelet I have from Bevilles (the second one in the picture).

What have you been loving this August?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!!! :)

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara Review

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a new Maybelline mascara, the 'Lash Sensational' Mascara in the pretty metallic pink tube. You've probably seen's been everywhere lately. 

Let's begin by having a look at some of the things Maybelline claim about this mascara:

  • It's their first patented fanning brush. 
  • 10 layers of bristles to cover all your lashes.
  • Gives you a full fan effect. 
  • The "inner curve" of the brush is for the roots of your lashes and the longer brushes are to fan our your lashes. 
I have never seen a mascara brush like this one before, it has a small line of bristles and then the rest of the brush is filled with larger bristles. The brush itself is quite large and is slightly curved. The concept of the inner curve and the outer curve (is that what you would call it?) isn't some gimmick - I can clearly see what they are talking about. But that isn't to say that you pick this brush up and instantly know what to do with it (or maybe you do and it's just me?). Overall though I do like the brush and the inner curve definitely helps to to get into the roots of your lashes and the larger section of the brush does fan out your lashes.  

I definitely love how this mascara looks on my lashes. It lengthens them, gives them volume and curls them up and out, like a fan, easily. Plus it holds the curl pretty well too! My lashes normally look pretty ordinary but with this mascara I feel like they look awesome :) 

The one thing that stops me from saying "this mascara is amazing" is the formula of it. It is an extremely wet mascara and couple that with the fact that the wand holds an excess of mascara, it can get messy. I find myself scraping off heaps of mascara on the side of the tube before actually applying it. 

Overall this is a really good mascara and, if you don't mind a mascara that is quite wet, you will probably love it. I really adore the effect this mascara has on my lashes, and the brush is decent, but I do wish the formula wasn't as wet.