Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Dotticure

Hi guys,
Happy Easter!!!

I'm afraid this is going to be a rather chatty post so if you don't like my chattiness feel free to just look at the pictures! Anyway, onto the chat...

When I got home yesterday it was sunny so the beauty blogger in me thought it was a good opportunity to do my nails and then obviously take photos. Winter is coming and the sun is playing hide and seek behind clouds. Why do you think I decided to do a dotticure?
a) I am an expert in dotticures. 
b) I didn't want to study. 
c) I wanted to spend an inordinate amount of time doing my nails, only to ruin them. 
d) Options b and c. 

Did you guess option d? Give yourself a pat on the back because you are correct. By the time I finished my nails it was too dark for photos so I decided to take the dog for a walk (see, I really didn't want to study!). Let's just say it is a bad idea to take a dog for a walk when your nails are still drying. Then, this morning (the walk was yesterday) I decided to do a bit of a clean which only contributed to making the manicure look even more scruffy. 

You probably didn't want to know any of that so I'll move on. The polishes I used for this skittle dotticure were:

That's What I Mint from Essence (mint green). 
Apricot Nectar from Revlon (peach). 
How Do You Lilac It? from Rimmel (lilac). 
Grey Matter from Rimmel (grey, used for the dots). 
Champagne Kiss from Face of Australia (baby pink). 
Platinum from Face of Australia (matte top coat). 

I think it turned out okay considering I wasn't using my brain when I sat down and did the manicure. I love the matte effect and the combination of pastel colours. Now I need to stop procrastinating and get some study done! 

I hope you enjoy your Easter break and have a very safe Easter. 
Cheers :)

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Covergirl - Wine to Five + FOA Platinum Matte Top Coat Review

'Wine to Five' from Covergirl is a gorgeous burgundy nail polish. In the polish it looks more like a raspberry shade but on the nails it definitely looks more burgundy. There is still that slight raspberry tinge to it though. 'Wine to Five' is opaque after two thin coats and dries to a shine. I don't love the formula of the Outlast Stay Brilliant nail polishes, they are very thin and I find that I apply too much which then means they take awhile to dry (even with a quick drying topcoat). But that's just because my preference is polishes with a thicker formula. In the photos the polish looks brighter and less burgundy than it does in real life.

Face of Australia currently has a limited edition range of nail polishes out at the moment called 'Screen Siren'. This range includes a matte top coat called 'Platinum'. I applied one coat of 'Platinum' over the top of 'Wine to Five'. It dries very quickly, wasn't streaky and had a good, easy to work with, formula. Unlike other matte top coats I have tried, this top coat kept my nails looking very matte for around two days before developing an extremely low shine. Nonetheless even after two days they were still noticeably matte.

I think this is the start of a matte nail obsession! 

Thanks for reading, 

Monday, 14 April 2014

Empties #2

Empties - a collection of empty make-up and skincare products that are kept by a beauty blogger for the purpose of doing a 'empties' post. I don't think many people hoard their empty bottles of skincare and used up make-up, except for beauty bloggers obviously! I have another bunch of empties for you to take a peek at. 

The first empty I want to talk about is the Essential Kit Facial Moisturiser SPF 15 from Kit Cosmetics. I used this last winter and throughout spring and summer and absolutely loved it. With ingredients like macadamia seed oil and vitamins A, C and E and without parabens, phthalates, sulphates and synthetic colours it is everything I want in a moisturiser. It felt very lightweight on my face and didn't leave any weird residue. I wore my make-up over this most days and didn't feel like it made my make-up wear off any quicker (like some other moisturisers!). I also loved how it came in a pump bottle which made it really simple to use. Would I repurchase? Absolutely!

I have used up so many jars of Revlon's Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation that I have lost count - I love the stuff! This is my all time favourite foundation and I find that it does everything I want it. Easy to apply, good colour match, lasts a really long time (6-8 hours) and offers good coverage. Would I repurchase? Already have. 

Physician's Formula Organic Wear Mascara is my favourite mascara and the only mascara I have used for over a year. I have zero interest in trying out other mascaras because I really like this one. I have repurchased this many, many times. Would I repurchase? Yes!

Nivea Pure & Natural Lip Balm in Milk and Honey - I love Nivea lip balms but I think this is my favourite. It works brilliantly and smells delicious.Would I repurchase? Definitely!

 Now, onto the products I'm chucking out. I am awesome at keeping things I don't use anymore, whether it is clothes, stationary or make-up. Recently I have tried to throw products out that I have no interest in using. Dr Bronners Magic Organic Lip Balm in Orange Ginger is getting thrown out because I hate the smell of it. The scent of ginger is too overpowering for me. It worked well though. Would I repurchase? In a another scent, maybe.

Essence's Kiss Care Love Lipbalm is a balm I haven't reached for, for a really long time. It worked fantastically but I found if I applied to too heavily my lips looked a bit frosty. Would I repurchase? Maybe.

Covergirl's nature luxe lip balm is #235 is a tinted lip balm I wanted to love but couldn't. Would I repurchase? No.

Lush's Sweet Lips Lip Scrub is great but as Lush focuses on fresh and handmade products I thought this should get chucked out since it is over a year old. Essence's XXL Shine lipgloss was too slippery and wet for me. I love most of Essence's lip glosses but I prefer their 'stay with me long lasting' lip glosses much more. Finally, I'm chucking out the Glam Nails Nail Art Pen because it has dried up. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Phew! That was a very long post. If you've stuck with me this far congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back :) I am absolutely exhausted after a long day at uni and decided to chill out in front of the TV for an hour before forcing myself back to the books. So if any of this is incoherent I apologise!!! Cheers. 

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Colour Theory Pouty Pink & Flirt Alert Lipstick Reviews

Today I am going to be reviewing Colour Theory's lipsticks in the shades 'Flirt Alert' and 'Pouty Pink'. 'Pouty Pink' is a gorgeous bright pink berry colour. 'Flirt Alert' is a tomato red. 

The packaging of these lipsticks is great. The plastic tubes are thick and feel really sturdy. The lids click on firmly with no possibility of them coming lose when they are in the bottom of your handbag. I like how the tubes are completely clear so you can see the the mechanism and (obviously) the colour of the lipstick clearly.

On application 'Pouty Pink' feels really creamy and moisturising but not heavy. I have had pretty dry and chapped lips lately but this lipstick didn't dry my lips out or emphasise my flaky lips. If are afraid of a bold lip (like me) you can wear 'Pouty Pink' sheer by just swiping it over your lips. But if you want that bright berry lip you can get it easily as it is a very opaque and buildable lipstick. After two hours this still looks perfect on my lips and after three hours I was left with a stain on my lips (after eating and drinking). You could easily apply a clear gloss or balm over this after three hours to turn the stain into a glossy look. The lasting power of this lipstick is simply AMAZING!!! 

'Flirt Alert' is a very vivid matte tomato red. If you love a bold lip you will love this red. It feels different on the lips when compared to 'Pouty Pink' - slightly heavier and less creamy. After an hour the colour is still pretty vibrant. It's only when you are getting close to the 2 hour mark that you notice it starting to look visibly less vibrant. 

Both of these lipsticks are very opaque and have great lasting power. Out of the two lipsticks I personally prefer 'Pouty Pink' as it is a colour I can wear relatively sheer (I'm scared of bold lips) and the formula feels amazing on the lips but if you love a bold lip, or are thinking about trying out a bold lip, you might want to check out 'Flirt Alert' as Colour Theory lipsticks are only $6! Bargain :) 

You can buy Colour Theory nail polishes at Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies and online from Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies.

*This product was kindly provided to me for review purposes, all opinions are 100% honest.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Face of Australia Limited Editions Haul

Hi guys! A couple of days ago I went to the shops to do some errands (bills to pay...etc) and wandered into Priceline (big mistake, I know!). As always I couldn't leave empty handed and found myself walking out with a bag of Face of Australia goodies. Now, I must admit I am pretty excited about this haul...

First of all, I found the new 'Screen Siren' limited edition nail polishes on display. Around this time every year FOA releases a limited edition range of nail polishes which are always gorgeous. The 'Screen Siren' range features 4 nude polishes, a bright blue polish, orange polish and a hot pink polish and a matte top coat. Luckily they only cost $4.95 :) I picked up 'Monroe' which could possibly be my favourite nude polish ever. It's only been on my nails for an hour so I will get back to you about that! It's a very warm nude. I also picked up the matte top coat.

Secondly, there was a limited edition range called 'Glamazon' which consists of a contour and blush kit. I grabbed the contour kit which features a matte bronzer and a gorgeous pink highlighter. For $9.95 I am really looking forward to using my contour kit. I have been meaning to get into contouring, especially highlighting, and now that I have this gorgeous highlighter sitting in my drawer I am inspired.

Have a great day,
cheers :)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

March Favourites

Hi guys!!! March is coming to an end so it's time for me to sit down and tell you all about the products that I have been loving. There is one product that is screaming from the rooftops, "talk about me, talk about me, talk about meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!" and that would be L'oreals Colour Riche Nutrishine in 'Sandalwood Beige'. It's a hybrid lipstick / lip balm (think Revlon, Lip Butters) that gives your lips a gorgeous wash of colour and feels nice and moisturising too. I think this might be the perfect nude for me. I have been wearing it nearly every day for uni because I can re-apply it easily and I know I won't end up looking like a clown. I'll be writing a review on it in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more details!

A couple of months ago I had a moisturiser debacle and my skin was feeing all dry and tight. Not nice at all. So I went and brought my holy grail moisturiser and my skin is feeling back to normal again - yay!!! The Buttermilk Moisturiser is, by far, the best moisturiser I have ever tried. Throughout the years I have probably brought ten bottles of this stuff! It is very soothing and moisturising without feeling greasy. The only reason I tried another moisturiser was because this one does contain parabens and I tend to avoid parabens when I can.

I have been loving Nivea's Pure & Natural Milk and Honey Lip Balm. One of my all time favourite lip balms because it actually moisturises my lips instead of drying them out like some other lip balms do! Plus, it smells like honey. I think I have raved about this balm numerous times so I'm leaving it at that for today.

I posted a review of Nyx's Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 'Beige' earlier this month (click here to read it) and have really loved wearing it. Despite being a bit sticky it gives my lips a lovely MLBB wash of colour, is incredibly shiny and lasts well.

Revlon's 'Girly' nail polish has been sitting in my nail polish drawer for probably a year now and I have only worn it once. I think the idea of removing all that glitter (as gorgeous as it is) scares me away from this polish. But, I wore this earlier this month over a nail polish that turned out to be a streaky mess and it did a great job of disguising my manicure that went wrong :)

That's it for me today! I now need to hit the books and get some study done because yesterday I accidentally found myself at IKEA and Freedom and we all know those shops take a long time to walk through. I actually brought a new make-up organiser from Freedom so I will be posting about that later this week. Have a great week, cheers :)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Colour Theory Flamingo Nail Polish - Review

Colour Theory's 'Flamingo'* nail polish is a stunning coral colour with pink (rather than orange) undertones.

With a creamy formula this is a very opaque polish, I used two coats however you could get away with one thick coat. It has a great formula, which is lovely and thick (without being difficult to work with) and dries to a high shine. It's a very bright polish that is nearly neon.Drying time was good despite the fact that I used thick coats. It was easy to apply however the brush is narrower and shorter than most other polishes so you do need to do a couple of strokes to distribute the polish evenly across your nail. You might assume that this means the polish is streaky but it isn't! I didn't see any sign of streaks and I'm definitely not the most careful person when it comes to nail polish. In regards to longevity this polish did really well, lasting around 3 days before I saw signs of wear (with a top coat). Even then, it was just a bit of wear at the tips and nothing drastic. It's worth noting that I don't look after my nails and I am very rough on my hands so I usually only get around 3 days of perfect wear with any nail polish.

My overall impression of this polish is that it is a really pretty colour, with a great formula (dries quickly and to a high-shine), lasts well and doesn't feel like a cheap polish despite only costing $4. The narrower and shorter brush could take some people a little while to get use to but nonetheless it applies easily. I can definitely see myself buying more Colour Theory nail polishes.

Made in Australia, Formaldehyde free and at the amazing price of $4 you can buy Colour Theory nail polishes at Amcal, Amcal Max and Guardian Pharmacies and online from Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies.

*This product was kindly provided to me for review purposes, all opinions are 100% honest.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Nyx Mega Shine Gloss in Beige - Review

The Mega Shine Lip Gloss from Nyx is the epitome of your typical gloss. If you closed your eyes and imagined what a lipgloss should be you would be imagining this gloss. This Mega Shine Gloss in 'Beige' is one talked about gloss. But don't let the name trick you, this gloss is pink not beige! I feel like every second person has mentioned it on their blog or youtube video. Naturally when I heard everybody talking about it I had to try it for myself!!! Keep reading to find out more (after the jump!)...

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pink and plum dotticure

I am absolutely hopeless at titles for blog posts that are not reviews, have you noticed?! As the rather bland title tells you this is a pink and plum dotticure. 

The pink polish is 'Champagne Kiss' from Face of Australia and the plum is 'Plums The Word' from Sally Hansen. 'Plums The Word' is a lovely autumn/winter polish if you are somebody who wants to wear darker polishes in the cooler months and vice versa. A very versatile plum polish with a great formula.

I love dotticures for a manicure that is a little different but still very easy to do and doesn't take too long.

Cheers :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Flakie Nude Nails

In one of the many youtube videos I watched this week somebody mentioned (I can't remember who, maybe Fleur de Force?) that they were loving nude nails with glitter. This inspired me to dig out a flakie I hardly ever reach for, Revlon's 'Heavenly'. I love nude nails and thought this could be a cool combination...

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Animal Print Fashion

I am obsessed with animal print at the moment. I just can't get enough of it!!! Shoes, handbags, scarves, clothing, accessories and the list goes on.
Animal Print
I think I need a leopard print handbag this autumn. Well need is probably a bit of a stretch...I have plenty of handbags but none of them have leopard print on so obviously I need a leopard print bag. Right? Or maybe a clutch...that one from Portmans looks pretty cute!

Animal print flats would be sure to make a dull winters day outfit fun and a bit more fashionable and oh my goodness, I adore that leopard print coat! Something about the blocked design screams out to me "buy me, buy me". It comes in green too. If you love animal print but don't like the idea of wearing it you could always go for a cute make-up bag like this one from Peter Alexander. And finally, lets not forget to mention that leopard print scarf from Forever New. My Mum brought it on a girls day out and I think I might have to buy one myself...wear it with a black woolen coat or a black blazer, a grey sweater...etc.

Are you a fan of the animal print?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Priceline 40% off Haul

With Priceline having 40% off all cosmetics today and tomorrow (ends on Wednesday) I couldn't resist grabbing a few things!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Face of Australia 'Champagne Kiss' Review & Swatch

Face of Australia's 'Champagne Kiss' is a pale, baby pink that reminds me of candy floss. With a creamy formula, a lovely shine and requiring only two coats this is perfect when you want an under-stated but girly polish to adorn your nails.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Blogger Made Me Buy It Tag

Hands up if you have ever brought a beauty product because you read another blogger raving about it? I know I have and thanks to many great beauty bloggers out there I have some products that I absolutely adore and would never have tried otherwise. So without further ado I'm going to get stuck into 'The Blogger Made Me Buy It' which I found on Amy's blog syslylou.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Products I'm throwing out

My make-up drawer is overflowing and when I sat down to write February's 'empties' post I realised that the majority of the products were simply old products I had decided to throw out / never use. With that a lightbulb moment came along and I cleaned out my make-up drawer as well and tried to make everything a little more neat. So without further ado, here are the products that are heading to the bin. And maybe I should also mention that a lot of these products are really good but are way past their expiry nothing against these products!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

New Products in Australia February

Pursuing through the beauty aisles today I stumbled across some new beauty products and thought you might all like to know what they were...

First up from L'oreal we have the Glam Shine Balmy Glosses. These are another incarnation of the jumbo gloss balms that every man and his dog has released in the past year or so. In six different colours these look really great. They are also currently on sale for $11.86 at Priceline.

At the Maybelline stand there was also a new addition, the Fit Me Shine Free Foundation Stick. They come in ten different shades and are currently on sale at Priceline of $13.55.
Photo from 
At the Nyx stand in Target I noticed that they now stock value packs of Nyx products and boy are they great value! There are two versions of the lip set. The "it" list - the pinks and The "it" list - the neutrals.  For $29 you get five products worth  $59. These lip sets include a butter gloss, mega shine lip gloss, pump it up lip plumper, sot matte lip cream and a xtreme lip cream. The Mega shine Lip Gloss comes in 'beige' with is a cult favourite (and is a pink colour not a beige colour).

There is also a set that gives you six of their jumbo eye pencils. The shades are: 'electric blue', 'black bean', 'sparkle nude', iced mocha', 'yogurt' and 'milk'.

Sally Hansen had a little stand of new products. I don't think I've ever seen the 'satin glam' collection of polishes here in oz and there was also 'cuticle rehab' which is a nail strengthener which fills in your ridges and hides your damaged nails. Very impressive Sally Hansen!!! I'll definitely be buying some of these products - how gorgeous do the pink and teal polishes look?

There was also this display of the new Moisture Renew lipsticks. A lovely selection of colours and ofcourse the idea of a moisturising lipstick sound fab.

Finally, I'll be honest I don't look at brow products very often so these actual products may or may not be new but I haven't seen this display before so I'll show it you anyway. 

That is quite a lot of new products that are on the shelves at the moment and they all look fantastic! What are your favourites from the lot?

Friday, 28 February 2014

February Favourites

With only a couple of hours before February has come and gone I'm going to quickly recap my favourites for the month. 

On my lips I have been loving neutral pinks.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipgloss in 'Mirrored Mauve'
A lovely MLBB gloss that isn't sticky and is great for days when I'm not sure what I want to put on my lips or those days when I am rushing out the door. 
  • Maybelline Colour Whisper in 'Lust for Blush' 
If I'm not wearing a lot of make-up I reach for this to give my lips a wash of pink. I always wear my Nivea Pure and Natural Milk & Honey lip balm underneath the colour whisper and it has been my "go to" lip balm this month, it's very moisturising and smells delicious. 

For my nails I have been loving 'Apricot Nectar' from Revlon's Parfumerie collection. I have worn it twice, yes you read that's very rare for me to wear the same nail polish more than once a month but it is such a pretty colour for summer and smells yummy too. I reckon it is saying something when a nail polish hoarder who has way too many bottles of polish actually wears a polish more than once a month!

Finally, for the eyes I have been loving Chi Chi's 'Nudes' Palette. I've been loving the matte brown for everyday, nice and simple when you are in a rush. 

What have you loved in February? 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Crazy for Chevron

Chevron seems to be absolutely everywhere lately. One of my favourite places for chevron is on goodies for the home. I don't care if it's on a lamp, a cushion or a throw...I think it looks great! Telling myself "it was for the blog" I surfed the web for some of my favourite chevron home decor pieces and boy did I enjoy it! My favourite piece? The indigo chevron lamp for sure!!!

Crazy for Chevron

Monday, 24 February 2014

Top 15 Products Under $15

It's tricky enough trying to buy a great product when billboards promise you that your lashes will be 9000% longer, your pores will be 100% invisible and the nail polish will last for a month before chipping. Now try going into a shop and buying a holy grail product that costs under $15! Inspired by Kat from I decided to list my top 15 products under $15, which is no mean feat here in Oz where make-up costs an arm and a leg!!!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice Nail Polish Review

A couple of days ago I posted my review of 'Apricot Nectar' which is a dreamy peachy orange polish from the Revlon's new Parfumerie nail polish collection. Today I have another polish from that collection, 'Autumn Spice'. It really does smell like one of those amazing spicy cinnamon scented candles, pure heaven. It isn't as overpowering the the sweet fruity smell of 'Apricot Nectar' but still lovely.

'Autumn Spice' is packed full of rich brown shimmer which gives the polish depth and catches the light. I'm going to be honest and say that I was slightly disappointed with this polish. Not because of the polish itself; the formula was very good and very easy to work with (you can get away with one coat), drying time was fine and the brush and scent was perfect but I was expecting more from the colour. Don't get me wrong, it's nice but I was expecting more...also it's not very shiny. In the bottle it looks like there could be a gold shift to this polish but there isn't. On a brighter note, you can wear a top coat and still enjoy the scent which I think is great! Nonetheless if you like your brown/bronze polishes I'm sure you will like this polish. I'll definitely be reaching for this polish a lot in autumn and winter as it is a lovely colour for the cooler months.

Cheers :)

Monday, 17 February 2014

Collective Haul & First Impressions

I've got a collective haul to show you today and I will also give you my first impressions for the products I've used. 4 nail polishes, 3 lip glosses, a mascara, a foundation and a moisturiser. What can I say? I like to shop! 

Starting with the nail polish, I brought Sinful Colors' 'Winterberry', Revlon 'Autumn Spice' & 'Apricot Nectar' and a red polish from K-Mart. I've already worn the Revlon Parfumerie polishes and reviewed 'Apricot Nectar' here.  The formula of these polishes are really good and the scents last a decent amount of days. Without top coat 'Apricot Nectar' lasted 2-3 days before I got tip wear which I think is pretty good. The colour of 'Autumn Spice' didn't thrill me but nonetheless it is a nice polish for the cooler months. The polish from K-mart is 4-free and has a good formula. A very vivid tomato red. 

From the K-mart beauty clearance I grabbed two Maybelline Colorsensational lip glosses; 'Mirrored Mauve' and 'Gleaming Grenadine'. These glosses are lovely. 'Mirrored Mauve' is lovely pinky MLBB gloss for me and doesn't feel sticky at all. The only downside is I find it only lasts a little over an hour. 'Gleaming Grenadine' lasts longer and has a stronger colour. A perfect red lip for me as I don't like super bold lips. If you want to try out a red lip I highly recommend 'Gleaming Grenadine'.

I've also been eyeing off the Bourjois color boost crayons for nearly a year. I finally decided to pick one up in a moment of weakness. 'Red Sunrise' is a bright red that is very opaque. I brought this thinking it would give me a sheer red lip (because it is a lip crayon) but I was wrong. This is far too bold for me which is unfortunate because all other aspects of this product are great. It feels very creamy, lasts for a long time and doesn't dry out your lips. The colour range available is quite small and I hope they release more "easy to wear" colours. A great product, just not for me. 

I didn't have any lip liners and decided it was time I got some. I've heard great things about the Essence lip liners and at $1.75 I figured they were perfect for beginners like me! I got two, 'Satin Mauve' and 'In The Nude'.  Haven't used these yet so can't give you my first impressions of them yet. 

Again, from the K-Mart beauty clearance I got the newly released Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation for $5. Bargain of the century? I also needed a new moisturiser because for a few weeks I've been shaking my moisturiser bottle upside every bottle and getting more moisturiser dregs on my bedroom walls and not on my face. So I brought the Origins Vitazing moisturiser. Having only used it twice I can't give you a lot of details but it is very lightweight and sinks in quickly. 

For the eyes I grabbed the Maybelline 'Designer Chocolates' eyeshadow quad from the K-Mart beauty clearance and from Priceline the mascara I have been wearing for years, Physician's Formula Organic Wear. Priceline currently has $10 off Physician's Formula so I figured it was a good time to pick a new one up. 

Phew!!! That was one long post. If you are reading this good job on getting to the end :) As you can see I have done quite a bit of shopping lately. Thanks for reading, 
cheers :)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekly Loves

It's Sunday evening which can only mean one's time for another weekly recap post. I know I want to do this sort of post but I've been having difficulty getting it right. The past two weeks I've done "The Week in Senses" posts where I talk about my favourite sight, scent, sound, taste and touch. This week I'm doing something a little more generic. Please let me know which you prefer!

Weekly Loves

I could go on for a very very very long time about how much I've been enjoying the Sochi games. I've never watched the winter olympics before but wow! And how insane are some of the events???!!!

I absolutely loved the scent of the lush rose jam shower gel. I think this shower gel has featured in my favourites lately but it's here again because when I was stressed the scent of this shower gel calmed me down and made me happy! Sadly I finished the bottle this week but I've got my fingers crossed they bring it back for next year. So delicious.

I made my first foray into scented nail polish this week and loved it! Revlon's 'Apricot Nectar' from their new Parfumerie range smells amazing, a very sweet fruity smell. I reviewed it here. 

I've sung the praise of this foundation before and it is again back in my daily routine. The Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation lasted well with the heatwave we've experienced lately and is effortless to apply.

Finally, after many mornings of shaking my moisturiser bottle upside down I brought a new moisturiser. The Origins Ginzing moisturiser is something I've heard amazing things about but never tried before. Once I've used this for a month or so I'll be sure to post up a review. I used it for the first time this morning and liked it.

I hope you have a great week :) Cheers!!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Apricot Nectar Scented Nail Polish Review

The Revlon Parfumerie nail polishes have recently hit the shelves in Australia. They are something a little different as they are scented nail polishes and to be honest I haven't come across any drugstore scented polishes before. The range itself is very extensive and contains three categories; the Fruits & Florals, Sweets & Spices and the Freshes. I found it very difficult to pick only two to buy but eventually I decided and Apricot Nectar is one of the lucky ones that got to come home with me.

Apricot Nectar is from the Fruits & Florals section of the range and is a very pretty orange based peach creme that somehow manages to be a pastel bordering on neon.Does that even make sense? I found the first coat to be quite streaky but a second coat seemed to fix most of the problems. Next time I will probably go for three coats though because the drying time of this polish is so great that an extra coat is no worries.

When I was painting my nails the polish smelt very sweet and a bit fruity. The scent continued to hang around once my nails dried, even after washing. After a day of wearing the polish the scent is less noticeable. From reading other blogs I decided not to wear a top coat (as I had read that this might interfere with the whole scent thing). Without a top coat you can get 2-3 days of wear before tip wear starts to appear, which is pretty decent. Colour me impressed!

Apricot Nectar is a beautiful peachy orange creme polish with a good formula (although a little streaky), good drying time and is accompanied by a yummy sweet fruit scent that lasts days. Overall I really love this polish and can see myself wearing a lot.